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Christine Caine, author, speaker, activist and Executive Director of A21 sits down with Barna president David Kinnaman to discuss the key findings of The Connected Generation report and ways Christian leaders can activate and empower this generation towards mission and purpose.

Mark Sayers, pastor of Red Church in Melbourne, Australia and co-host of the This Cultural Moment podcast reflects upon the impact post-Christian culture is having on the connected generation and the hope he sees as they respond with strength and resilience.

Francis Chan shares his passion for the connected generation to be a “truly connected generation” in regards to their faith in Christ and challenges church leaders to guide and shepherd young adults towards a biblical, reilisent, gospel-centered faith.

Jonathon Douglass of Hillsong United explains how worship experiences help shape the spiritual journeys of young adults and shares how Hillsong intentionally develops connected generation leaders to lead the church of tomorrow.
Nicky Gumbel of Holy Trinity Brompton and Alpha International responds to the major findings of The Connected Generation – how to tackle questions about suffering, injustice and other issues affecting this generation. 

Pastor Jeanne Stevens of Soul City Church in Chicago, IL USA reflects on three key insights from The Connected Generation study and provides ways her church has partnered with World Vision’s Chosen experience to engage and connect Millennials and Gen Z in her congregation.

Want to learn more about partnering with World Vision to put this research into action? Connect Here.

Five thought leaders from around the globe unpack The Connected Generation study and explain how they see 18-35-year-olds getting involved. Hear their insights into the research and how they see it in their daily lives.

Eugene Cho, pastor and founder of One Day’s Wages, explores how we can speak to this current context without catering to or coddling young adults in the Connected Generation.

Jo Saxton, author, speaker and leadership coach, shares her thoughts on the impact identity, purpose, and calling has on the Connected Generation.

Country Events

At the Faith for the Future forum hosted by World Vision, Alpha and Barna, Mark Sayers looks at what God might be doing through this ‘David Generation’.

David Kinnaman and Brooke Hempell share insights at World Vision’s US Pastors Gathering. Plus, Pastor Jeanne Stevens and Pastor Darren Rouanzoin discuss how their predominantly millennial churches are putting the research into action.

Local leaders unpack how they are engaging the connected generation.

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Webcast Replay

Contributor Interviews

More videos from these contributors coming soon: