About Barna Group

Barna Group is a research firm dedicated to providing actionable insights on faith and culture, with a particular focus on the Christian church. Since 1984, Barna has conducted more than one million interviews in the course of hundreds of studies and has become a go-to source for organizations that want to better understand a complex and changing world from a faith perspective. Barna’s clients and partners include a broad range of academic institutions, churches, nonprofits and businesses, such as Alpha, the Templeton Foundation, Fuller Seminary, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Maclellan Foundation, DreamWorks Animation, Focus Features, Habitat for Humanity, The Navigators, NBC-Universal, the ONE Campaign, Paramount Pictures, the Salvation Army, Walden Media, Sony and World Vision. The firm’s studies are frequently quoted by major media outlets such as The Economist, BBC, CNN, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Fox News, Huffington Post, The New York Times and The Los Angeles Times.

This study builds upon a strong foundation of “next generation” research, which has been explored in a number of books and resources throughout the years. The Connected Generation is both the latest, and by far the largest, installment in Barna’s effort to understand the contours of faith and faithfulness among young adults.




What does Christianity look like to young non-Christians?


You Lost Me

Why do young adults walk away from church and from faith?


Making Space for Millennials

How can churches best reach out to and include Millennials?


Transforming Scotland

New Research on the State of Christianity in Scotland


Finding Faith in Ireland

Inside the Minds of Irish Youth


Gen Z

What are the cultural, spiritual and digital trends shaping this next, next generation?


Faith for Exiles

What practices distinguish resilient disciples among young Christians?


The Connected Generation

What does the future of faith look like around the world?