The Southeast Asia Region Report

In Southeast Asia, young people who grew up in the church are more likely to be resilient disciples than their peers around the globe and are less likely to have stopped attending church altogether.

Essential Insights on Emotional, Social and Spiritual Trends Among Young Adults in the United States


While The Connected Generation report offers a global overview of young adults around the world, Barna also set out to offer more specific country profiles to the nations surveyed for this project. These country reports offer specific insights into the connectivity levels and religious disposition of the 25 countries included in The Connected Generation, building upon the themes explored at a global level. The Southeast Asia Regional Report offer insights from local leaders as well as field guides to help you and your leadership team turn insights into action.

There are many ways to learn from the research:

  1. Discover How to Minister to an Anxious Generation: Understand cultural trends and the new demographic context for young adults; learn how and why emotional connection matters to 18-35-year-olds
  2. Learn About Resilient Faith and Church Engagement: Discover what the future of faith looks like, what we’re learning from resilient disciples, and what the connected generation expects to give and receive from Christian churches
  3. Raise Up Future Church Leaders: Find out the leadership development pathways and causes that resonate most with Gen Z and Millennials
  4. Implement New Strategies Guided by the Research: Engage young adults in with organization using three built-in field guides on Life in an Anxious Age, Engagement with Spirituality and the Church, and Potential for Impact

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