World Vision Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice for World Vision Church Engagement

World Vision International (“WV”), an entity affiliated with World Vision, a relief, development and advocacy organization, with address at 1 Roundwood Avenue Stockley Park Uxbridge, Middlesex UB11 1FG, UK, provides this Privacy Notice to demonstrate our firm commitment to your privacy and protection of personal data. This Statement provides important information regarding the processing of your personal data and your right to privacy and data protection.

On the Barna ‘Connected Generation’ website, you have indicated an interest in learning more about opportunities to connect with the World Vision entity in your country of residence. Your personal data, such as name, email, phone and church address is consolidated and stored by WV and processed in a data file of which WV is the data controller and located in 34834 Weyerhaeuser Way S, Federal Way, WA 98063 US.

Your personal data will only be processed to allow you to receive more information about the WV entity in your country of residence. You may delete, modify or update the personal data at any time by contacting James Pedrick through any of the means listed below. Your privacy is important to us. Access to your personal data will be limited and only be available to you and to those who, according to their job function, need to have access to your information.

WV may have to transmit, share, or release your personal data to such other WV offices including those WV offices located outside your home country (a list of the countries where WV has presence is available on the WVI website: for processing purposes. 

In addition, we will also seek your consent below to share your personal data with the WV entity located in your country of residence for you to receive more information about the World Vision organization. However, your personal data will not be disclosed to any non-WV entity other than as stated herein, or used for any other purpose, without obtaining your express consent to do so. WVI does not sell, or exchange any personal data for use by marketing or employment agencies, or otherwise disclose such information to third parties, except as may be required by law or through voluntary cooperation with law enforcement authorities if we judge that such cooperation is necessary to protect WV’s legal interest.

World Vision will store your personal data for a period not to exceed 6 months, in accordance with and for such duration as may be determined by World Vision internal policies and applicable law.  After such period, your information will be cancelled and removed from the system. If you elect to share your data with the World Vision office in your country of residence, your personal data will be processed in accordance with that World Vision Office’s policies and in accordance with applicable law.   

How to contact World Vision:

Attention: James Pedrick c/o Global Church Engagement
Mailing Address: 34834 Weyerhaeuser Way S
Federal Way, WA 98063
Email Address:  [email protected]